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The ZERO 8X is everything the ZERO 10X is: a powerful, dual suspension, dual drive scooter. Except, the Z8X is a good tire length shorter and more compact than the Z10X, making it the love child of the Z10X and Z8. The front and rear suspension on the ZERO 8X is the same as the ZERO 10X, using a hybrid spring and hydraulic suspension system. If you liked the floating feel on the Z10X, you would feel the same floating suspension on the Z8X.


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The Zero 8X is 8 x 3.5 inch tires are honeycombed solid tires which does not require any air inflation (hence no risk of punctures) but yet achieves a nice comfortable bounce similar to air/pneumatic tires.

Equipped with 2 front and 2 rear LED lights with under chassis lights, the ZERO 8X has a flood of lights that makes night riding safe and visible.

The rigid foldable handlebars on the Z8X is a bulky departure from the Z10X. unlike many other foldable handlebars on the market, the Z8X’s handlebars have absolutely no free play and the 60cm length provides a stable comfortable handle grip.

The same double quick release folding mechanism on the Z10X was applied to the Z8X. This double clamp system gives the entire steering stem rigidity and strength..



18AH, LG 26AH

2 reviews for ZERO 8X – Electric Scooter

  1. Harb

    Absolutely love this scooter.
    I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and use it to commute to work in Brisbane.
    Has good power and is capable of taking on some of the steepest hills in Brisbane without slowing down.
    The suspension and honeycomb solid wheels work well together to give a much nicer ride experience compared to the hire scooters and on a lot of the footpaths around my place it makes for a much safer ride. Can handle most bumps with ease.
    Also Ian is a great guy who really helped me out when I was looking for one of these, can highly recommend buying from these guys.

  2. Marlon Stanton

    Awesome scooter! The guys at ride electric in the valley store were top notch. Had the pleasure of dealing with Ian and Trevor. Extremely knowledgeable about their stock and just great customer service overall. Had experience with other scooter dealership’s in the Brisbane area some which were still good and others not so much. But these guys were by far the best. They allow you to properly test the scooters as well which is great. Especially considering I was also considering the 10x, so had a throrough ride of both that and the 8x and ultimately ended up with the latter. Nothing bad to say about these guys, highly recommend!

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