Planet Saving Kilometres


The time to act is now, it is time to contribute to our new initiative, “Planet Saving Kilometers.” As part of this initiative, we want to give back to the people who opt for electric transport rather than driving vehicles that contribute to fossil fuel burning, contaminating the environment and rising pollution levels. Our goal is to help you, equip you and empower you to ride more and save more. Let’s do this together.

It doesn’t matter which brand of electric scooter you’re riding, as long as you’re doing your part, you will be entitled to a discounted rate on spare parts, accessories and servicing through our RideElectric stores depending on your degrees of involvement!

We have created 3 levels of involvement for you to be a part of our planet-saving kilometres club: 0 km, 500 km and 1000+ km. Based on the number of kilometres you have covered on your ride, you will fall into one of the above levels.

As soon as you purchase an electric scooter, you’re already in! Aside from making a great decision for not only your’s own but the planet‘s health, you are now a member of our level 1 involvement club. As you use your transport more and more you will progress your way through the ranks into higher levels unlocking more and more discounts to encourage you to keep riding! We want to see you succeed and we will work with you and encourage you to progress through the involvement ranks as fast as possible with access to group rides, motivation through our online pages where you can communicate with other riders and enthusiasts, and continued support and availability from our team and experienced technicians.

For a summary graph of what you’re getting by doing your part, please find the table below which gives a breakdown of the 3 levels and what each has to offer you!

Planet Saving Table


So, what are you waiting for? Register with us by providing the below information and join the Planet-Saving Kilometers Club today!

Let’s ride and save together!!!

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