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We’ve been importing and selling eBikes for over years Australia wide. We know our products extremely well and stand behind them with full support.

We offer fast shipping and if your in the area we have well stocked showroom where you can check out the range and even take a test ride.

No. early ebikes had this feature, but it proved ineffective and the loss in efficiency uphill of a regen style motor depleted more battery energy than regen inputted when braking on downhill sections.

Around 5 hours for a full charge, but a lithium battery can be topped up anytime too.

Branded ebikes often have years of design behind them and also a long history of after sales service.

Similar to a bicycle, with the additional cost of battery replacement every 2-4 years. Power costs about 30 cents per 100kms. When used as an alternative to a car, an ebike can pay for itself within a year.

The most important things to consider is the distance you want to travel AND the type of commute you will be doing. Legally, all e-scooters regardless of the power output of the motor, are all speed limited to 25km/h.

As a rule of thumb, light and portable e-scooters sacrifice the comfort, power (for slope climbing) and safety aspects whereas powerful and comfortable escooters are generally around 15 kg or more and hence, not as portable.

The two main motor styles are hub-drive (motor in the front or rear hub of the bike) and mid-drive (motor in the pedal axle area). Hub-drives are easier to ride for beginner cyclists as it does not matter what gear you are in. They are also good in flat and moderate terrain. Mid-drives take a bit more skill to ride and constant shifting of gears, but offer much better performance in steep and offroad terrain because the motor drives through the gears train, so, when you change down, the motor changes down too. Make sure you a clear with how you want to use your ebike, so you get the best motor system to suit your needs.

When we speak of charging cycles we always mean full cycles. This means the battery is completely discharged and you fully recharge this represents one full charging cycle.If the battery is, for example, half-emptied and then recharged so this is not about 1 charge cycle but only 1/2 charging cycle.