About Ride Electric

ABout Ride Electric

We started the company ‘Ride Electric’ with a core vision to transform the way Australia commutes by offering green transport alternatives. We do this by providing quality electric scooters and electric bikes that are not only eco-friendly but also affordable for the masses.

We are the official distributors of Zero Electric scooters and Smartmotion Electric Bikes in Australia and we sell them through our warehouse in Burleigh Heads, our vast retail chain throughout Australia, and our digital platforms – , https://rideelectric.com.au/, https://zeroscooters.com.au/ https://www.smartmotionbikes.com.au/

‘We plan to reduce emissions by providing a reason to take a car off the road every day, with every escooter/ebike sold. This provides significant health benefits to personal fitness, mental health and happiness by being outdoors, getting the endorphins going and having some good quality fun. We aim to significantly reduce traffic congestion and commuting time, a nice value proposition to focus on our involvement with the “Us community” lifestyle.  ‘

Our focus is not only to provide affordability but also to provide a ride solution that is fun for all ages.

“Riding Electric is Riding fun”.

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