Zero Scooters are advising customers to beware of escooters on the market with the brand name X10, Black Edition 10X and Black Edition 11X.

These copycat Zero scooters are in Australia and have a similar look and feel, using trade descriptors like X1010X and 11X, with the brand name Black Edition 10X and Black Edition 11X and others like Dragon X10. These models have no relationship to the Zero brand, and the product and marketing of them are designed to confuse consumers.

Despite any stories about the perceived benefits of these copies, you should treat them as that – copies. These scooters are NOT manufactured by Zero and do not come from the same factory. The 10X and 11X names are originally from Zero.

Have confidence that Zero Scooters are the original and highest quality performance scooters in Australia and internationally.

Zero scooters are also backed by Ride Electric who is the official Zero distributor and retailer, offering service, parts and warranty for your peace of mind, and an amazing Zero experience.

You wouldn’t buy a car that looks like an original but isn’t, don’t risk it with an E scooter. There is a reason other companies all want to look like a Zero E-Scooter.

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